Cognitive Recruiting in South Florida

Cognitive recruitment represents a major shift in thinking. The new rules reward organizations that replace structural hierarchies with teams of agile, empowered teams. During times of organizational change that can be interpreted as chaotic, it is the core values and cultural glue that keeps a team together. Unearthing this value system is the most difficult part of our jobs – but once we have it, we can build technology teams from the ground up that can weather any storm.

Until today, anyone could become a recruiter. High-volume hunt-and-peck methodologies involving the simple matching of “reqs” (job requirements) with “resumes” are the backbone of volume-based sales. This archaic approach treats people like cogs in a machine; easily replaceable, easily interchangeable. However, due to a variety of market forces and general discontent from transient job professionals, a new breed of recruiters is emerging. The growing complexity of IT roles combined with the delicate nature of candidate-client relationships calls for the next generation empathetic solutions-based brokers. Enter the cognitive recruiter.

Cognitive recruiters view human professionals as unique individuals wishing to be the best version of themselves. Humanizing tech recruiting starts by recognizing the internal flame that motivates each and every career professional – and charting a course for that individual to develop the skillsets that will let their light shine, and make for a better world. In a mobile age where Gallup reports that 51% of the U.S. workforce is searching for new jobs or watching for an opening, hiring managers, recruiters, and talent-acquisition professionals need to see the job hunt process through the lens of a candidate.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution allows talent to move more freely than ever before, from role to role, within and outside the enterprise, and across organizational and geographical boundaries (Source). Workforces operate on a variety of social and digital channels – ever looking for that next step up in their career. Career opportunities now manifest themselves outside of traditional “Careers pages” and Applicant Tracking Systems. Real-time responsiveness through evidence-based people analytics offer recruiting agencies a way to leverage local talent pools as passive candidates update their resumes or portfolios online.

We believe we can do better. We believe in understanding the person behind the resume. We believe we can outthink and out-empathize the competition. As the local job market calls for hybrid jobs, data-science teams, and tries its best to fill vacancies, Octagon Technology Staffing /Octagon Talent Solutions will be there to answer the call. Humanizing tech recruiting in Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach starts by recognizing the internal flame that motivates each and every career professional.