Preparing For a Phone Interview

Below are some tips to help your phone interview go smoothly

A phone interview, or phone screen, can be a tougher interview than face-to-face because you’re not able to see or read the person interviewing you. Here are some tips to ensure your success:

  1. Read the job description and really understand what they are looking for. Then focus on how your experience is relevant to the position.
  2. Get ready half an hour before so you’re not driving, in a store, running errands, etc.
  3. Be in a quiet place where there’s no background noise such as TV, radio or children distracting you.
  4. If at all possible, do the interview from a landline because a cell phone can drop the call.
  5. Stand up and walk around while you’re on the phone if you can. Smile!
  6. [easy-tweet tweet=”Use body language gestures even though they won’t be seen, b/c this promotes natural speech. ” hashtags=”interviewtips”]
  7. Kick up the excitement in your voice a notch because all you have is your voice to express yourself.
  8. Clarify, and answer all questions asked of you, especially in a group-interview format
  9. Have a notepad and pen ready to take notes and prepare at least two questions to ask the company such as latest news articles, company culture, typical day, dynamics of the team, awards, etc.
  10. Once you’re finished asking your questions, ask what the next step in the interviewing process will be and when the company plans to make a decision.
  11. Thank them for their time and you appreciate the opportunity.
  12. Call your recruiter once the interview is done to let them know how it went.

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