Humanizing recruiting

People are not commodities.

We get it. Every day with an open position, translates to higher costs. That is why our goal is to get it right on the first try. We share the sense of urgency. But our sense of urgency can’t get in the way of solving the root of the problem. If the person can do the job, but doesn’t want to stick around for long, we’re back to square one.

We need not only find people who can do the job.
We need to find the people who will fit in a culture.
We need to acknowledge the human behind the skills.
We need to find someone who wants to stick around.

Matching the right people to the right culture is not only the right thing to do.
It’s good for business.

About us

People Driven

People are the center of what we do. Getting to know them, advising them well and providing continued education is what enables us to match the right people to the right company.

Shared Knowledge

Flat organization, shared database and no territories assigned to discourage internal competition and allow for unbiased and best possible recommendations

Two-hemisphere brains

We are recruiters and account managers in one, which allows for an agile and consultative response to people’s needs by getting rid of an extra layer.

Technical Fluency

We don’t just fulfill requests, our technical fluency allows us to asses if the request satisfies the actual need and to formulate a real solution.