What to Expect When Interviewing with Octagon Talent Solutions

As a job candidate you are looking for viable career choices; one that meets your financial needs while also allowing you to aid the world through the work you complete. As cognitive recruiters specializing in technology roles, our job is to assess the viability of connection between you and your potential employer.

Here is what to expect when interviewing with one of our full-service recruiters from Octagon Talent Solutions:

  • We want to know the person behind the resume & wish to establish the long-term business relationship.
  • We are assessing your viability for, not only a role we have in mind for you today, but future roles, as well. Although there may be one immediate opportunity on the table, we seek to understand the values that drive you, your life goals, etc. so as to be able to present you with opportunities that match your career path in the future.
  • We’ll ask the hard questions. This includes questions on complex projects, technology stacks you have worked with and job performance  – so come prepared and don’t be afraid to showcase your talent!
  • We’ll want to meet the person behind the resume. The candidates we remember the fastest when ideal opportunities pop up, are the ones we can put a face to the name.

Some questions you can expect:

  • What are the types of roles you’re looking for?
  • What would be your ideal opportunity?
  • How far are you willing to drive/commute for your next role? What is your commute distance now?
  • What types of companies do you see yourself working at? (i.e. small startups or large corporations)
  • Career-wise, what does growth look like for you?

Octagon Talent Solutions specializes in Software, Data & Analytics, Digital Marketing, Networking & Telecommunications, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Technology Sales & IoT. We seek to bring the best candidates forward & match them with the latest career choices in the South Florida market!

View our open job positions here, or Text Ally at 954-606-0797 to introduce yourself and set up a time to talk with one of our recruiters.