What we do

We specialize in matching the right people in technology to the right companies.

Specialized technology staffing and recruiting.

We match the right people to the right companies for temporary to full-time positions, including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire. The roles include the latest trending technology, critical infrastructure and financial engineering requirements.




Data &


Network &




Internet of

Executive search

We match the right people at the senior and executive level, to the right companies in any given industry for project-based consulting or permanent positions across critical infrastructure, technology, and financial engineering.

Tech Education

We curate and provide events and workshops for people and companies that want to help their team maintain and improve their craft. If you would like to setup a workshop for your team, feel free to reach out.

How we do it

1. Same Page

Before getting our hands dirty, we make sure we’re working in the same direction; we learn about the position, why it exists, requirements, company culture, team dynamics.

2. The Plan

We come up with a plan to find the right person that fits the circumstances.

3. Searching

We look for the needles in the haystack in multiple ways, including via Engage Talent, of which we are certified platform partners, combining big data and predictive analytics.

4. Screening & Vet

We do a thorough screening and vetting process to understand the professional and the human behind the skills.

5. The Ones

We present a detailed overview only of the people we believe will be a good all-around fit.

6. The Fit

We setup the interview and help out in the negotiation process using market data to make it fair for all.

7. Onboarding

We stay in touch during the on boarding process to help make it a smooth transition.

A word on pricing

Contingency-Based and Retained Search

Hang tight, that sounds way more complicated than it really is.

Contingency-based means that we only get compensated if the company hires the person we recommended. It’s used when we aren’t the only ones helping you look for someone or when it’s public knowledge that you are searching.

Retained Search means that we get compensated in installments. It’s used when we are the only ones helping you find the right person, if it’s wise to keep a degree of confidentiality about the search, or if the characteristics of the role we’re looking for calls for an even higher level of muscle to find the right person.