Company: C3 Connect

Scaling a Telecom Tech Startup to 1000’s of End-Users with a Lean Team

Client: Ramon Matos, Director Network Engineering

If you were to recommend Octagon to a friend, what would you say in a sentence or two?

“Octagon’s recruiting efforts are more tailored to your needs and experience than what you are used to with other agencies.”

How did you feel in the process working with us? If you’ve worked with other recruiters in the past, what was different with us?

“I think the main differentiator was the individual feeling through the process.  Often when engaging recruiting firms, the process feels a bit impersonal and detached resulting in a lot of resumes with a lot of acronyms, but little substance.  That was certainly not the case.  Every candidate when submitted had substantiated experience related to the opportunity allowing you to concentrate on selecting the best fit for the team rather than looking at an endless number of resumes.”

What made building your team challenging that made you decide to outsource recruiting?

“Most company’s internal HR/Recruiting teams are not familiar or understand hi-tech opportunities or the candidates.  To have someone specialized in the industry reduces the search time and the burden of pre-screening and sorting the candidates.”

How did the people that got placed bring success to your team? And how did that make your job easier?

“In technology, for the most part, it is about availability, continuity, and deliverables to specific business drivers to the organization.  The right staff is essential to the success of the organization and to sustain the growth and the team built made it possible.”

What was the problem that you were trying to solve in hiring or building your team?

“This was a startup organization that was geographically dispersed but needed a centralized technical staff that could leverage network automation and deploy a resilient infrastructure that will enable the organization to grow at a high rate (50% a year) and will be able to sustain typical outages associated with locations in under-developed countries while supporting a media converged network for data, voice and video. By hiring a small talented group of network engineers, our organization grew from $35M a year to $450M in 4 years.”

How did you solve it?

“I hired a team of 4 network engineers and 4 Telecom/VoIP engineers with a diverse set of skills.   Those individuals proceeded to deploy network management and automation tools to allow us to manage almost 10k seats in 5 continents.  The combination of proper skills and tools allowed the organization to leverage desktop support staff to deploy complex solutions remotely, while keeping the organizational overhead low.”