Don’t Be a Lost Unicorn: Make a Plan for Your Career in Technology

Don’t be the lost unicorn! Take charge of your tech career with these easy strategies and tactics. #TechCareerGoals #LostUnicorn

The term “unicorn” refers to a highly sought-after employee with rare skills in the tech industry. Without having a plan to further develop competencies and reach career goals, this mythical professional risks ending up wandering aimlessly in the tech world.

With the ever-changing market conditions, career success in technology is no longer the latest trend but something to be achieved with an actionable plan. Professionals must relentlessly hone their skills and keep up with leading-edge technologies if they want to remain relevant – especially when it comes to soft skills like communication and relationship management. Investing in yourself now can make all the difference for your career trajectory going forward as you battle against inflation, geopolitical tensions, and other economic pressures that come along post-pandemic times.

Don’t become “the lost unicorn” – create a strategy today! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the idea of self-improvement, here’s a list of simple yet powerful strategies that can help you focus on your own development without it feeling like work.

  1. Develop relationships with colleagues, mentors, and other professionals, such as your friendly Octagon Talent recruiter 😉
  2. Update your technical skills with online courses and certifications
  3. Read industry publications or blogs for updates on new technologies
  4. Practice verbal/written communication through mock meetings, presentations, or interviews
  5. Join professional organizations such as Toastmasters and relevant industry groups – is a great starting point!
  6. Participate in professional development opportunities. (You may even have benefits with your current employer that your forgot about)!

 As the world of technology rapidly changes, it is essential for all career-minded tech professionals to stay ahead of the curve by continuously learning and investing in themselves. The pandemic has shifted the global market landscape, and inflation rates are rising, so it’s more important than ever to have a solid career strategy in place. At Octagon, we understand how important your career is to you, and we can help connect you with opportunities that align with your goals. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills or hone existing ones, our team of recruiters can help you find a position that meets your needs. Contact your favorite Octagon Talent recruiter today to discuss your options! We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you and staying ahead of the game with our finger on the pulse of the market.