Events + Workshops

Hiring in Light of “The Great Resignation”

We are in a candidate-driven market with increased competition from top-tier tech companies (who are now hiring remote workers and don't need to pay Silicon Valley or NYC prices). We have a generation of workers who are aren't just motivated by traditional pay and a 401K.

Roundtable discussion topics:
- What have local South Florida companies done in response to the Great Resignation?
- Have these new practices worked? Anything not working?
- Anyone running "fully staffed" who had to make tradeoffs to get/stay there?
- How do you choose between cash or culture with an urgent hiring need?
- What are some insights and best practices to ensure we attract, hire, and retain the best possible talent?

Education & Networking: Solar FL

RE+ Florida aims to help build your business and grow the Florida energy market through in-depth education, innovative exhibiting companies, and networking opportunities.

RE+ Florida embarks upon one of the prime markets in the United States. According to SEIA, Florida ranks third in the nation for rooftop solar potential.

-Meet with regional and national companies
-Understand cutting-edge policy, trends, and know-how.
-Grow your customer base in the Florida market

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